Private Business Vocabulary
אוצר מילים בנושא עסקים פרטיים

In Order to learn Hebrew you must know the basic every day words.
a list of local business types that are available in your neighborhood.
It will sure help you understand the locals much faster and will help build you confident in the language.

עברית English
מִכְבָּסָה Laundromat
בֵּית מָלוֹן Hotel
מִסִּפְרָהּ Hair Salon
חֲדַר כֹּשֶׁר Gym
מַאֲפִיָּה Bakery
סוּפֶּרְמַרְקֶט Supermarket
חֲנוּת מַכֹּלֶת grocery store
חֲנוּת בְּגָדִים Clothing store
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