5 Tips for a Perfect Vacation in Israel

Are you planning a trip to Israel? Whether it is your first time in the Holy Land or you have dozen passport stamps from Ben Gurion Airport, check out the following tips for travelling to Israel:

Happy holidays

Before booking your flight to Israel, check the Hebrew calendar. We have many holidays throughout the year, and many of them are celebrated with festivals and special activities that are opened to the public.

Some like it hot

Tourists seem to love the Israeli summers. There is air conditioning almost everywhere in Israel – hotels, restaurants, shops, buses and basically any place that is not outdoors. If you are one of those who can’t stand the heat and humidity, try to plan your trip from during the colder months – October – April.

KEDAY LEDABER KTSAT IVRIT – (you should speak some Hebrew)

You will get along fine with English (or French, Russian, Spanish and many more languages) while visiting Israel. However, keep in mind that Israelis have an unexplained affection towards people who can say a few words in their language. Therefore we recommend you learn some useful words and phrases, in order to win the hearts of those you meet in Israel.

Bring your kids

Israel is a heaven for children. Many places and facilities are geared towards them, and people welcome them almost everywhere. Kids’ menus in most of the restaurants, tons of playgrounds and attractions for all ages – kids just love Israel!

Israeli nature

There are many well known places often included in popular tourist itineraries – Jerusalem, Masada, Eilat… Why not try visiting some the lesser-known but amazingly beautiful nature reserves? All of which have organized trails for travelers and are sufficiently equipped for an enjoyable stay.