Business Hebrew

Do you do business in Israel? Do you have Israeli colleagues and/or business associates? Are you thinking of relocating to Israel? If you are somewhat familiar with the Israeli business world, you must have already noticed the small but significant differences between the way you do business at home and the way things are done in Israel. For example, the way Hebrew speakers write a date (the day precedes the months) or refer to the parts of the day (1pm is not "the early afternoon" but "noon").

We offer a course in business Hebrew that will help you navigate better within the Israeli business world.

The course is custom-made to meet your specific needs: you can learn the Hebrew vocabulary used in the high tech industry, the structure of the academy in Israeli universities and colleges, how to write an email, questions asked in a job interview and more - all according to your specific needs and pace.

Get to know the local business environment by practicing conversations and simulating with our qualified teachers who are all native speakers of Hebrew and live in Israel.