Hebrew Reading Training

The Hebrew training contains short texts about different places around the State of Israel. Each text is constructed to train the readers in certain linguistic subjects, that are specified under its title. For example: there are texts that contain nominal sentences (sentences without verbs), and there are texts where you can see many Hebrew prepositions and how they are used in sentences.

As you can see, each text is fully translated into English and next to it there is a table with chosen vocabulary items. You can work with the texts in various ways.

We recommend you to start with the vocabulary table. Go over it before reading the text. Check how many words in the table are familiar to you, and how many are new. Also, browsing over the vocabulary table would give you some idea about the content of the text, so you could incorporate your prior knowledge about the subject once you start reading the text.

You can read the English translation before turning to the Hebrew text to get an idea about the content of the text. Once the content is clear, the only barrier you need to pass is the language.
You can work in pairs or groups – read the texts together and then ask each other questions to which the answers are either in the texts themselves or not (depends on your level of Hebrew).

To memorize the new vocabulary items in the tables, we recommend that you try to use them in your own context. Take each word and try to construct your own sentences with it. This way – by reading the word, then thinking about it in a different context, writing it reading it within your own original sentence – it will be easier for you to remember the word and how to use it in the future.


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