Talk Hebrew with Your Family

We live in a time when travelling around the world is easier than ever. People often leave their families and communities and immigrate or relocate to far away destinations. In our world it’s also very easy to keep in touch with our loved ones who choose to live in other countries. We have the internet and cellular communication, and everyone we want to speak with is only a click away.

But after only one generation of living apart, we notice that keeping in touch becomes more complicated. This is an obstacle you might face regarding your family member who went to live in Israel, where the main spoken language is Hebrew. It’s the language of education and bureaucracy, the language of the media and culture. The younger generation of sabras in your family probably speaks only Hebrew or Hebrew and their parents’ mother tongue to some extent. Keeping in touch with them and getting to know them, which are very important to you, is becoming a challenge.

Now you can face the challenge by taking a spoken Hebrew course with Ivritalk. Practice your Hebrew so you could speak directly with your grandchildren or cousins, be able to talk to them in their own language. Make Hebrew your language. These days when family branches spread around the world, make Hebrew your solid means of communication. With Ivritalk you will learn to speak and understand normative spoken Israeli Hebrew. It is somewhat different than the Hebrew you might studied at Hebrew school, and it is important for you to be aware of the differences so you would sound as natural as possible. You will study at your own paste the vocabulary that is relevant for you, so you could easily pick up the phone or log on the messenger and speak Hebrew to your loved ones. All of Ivritalk’s tutors are qualified teachers and native speakers on Hebrew. They will guide you through the language and its uses in a professional and supportive atmosphere. Connected by Hebrew and the tradition and culture it represents will help you maintain the sense of family and togetherness challenged by the physical distance.