Our programs

We offer several packages of personal Hebrew training, each package consists of a different number of sessions according to your needs.

How can you tell which is a the right package for you?

The first questions you should ask yourself is “why am i learning Hebrew?” and the second question has to do with your availability to learn.


Hebrew for beginners

The Jerusalem Post Ivritalk’s beginners’ package is designed for learners who do not know any Hebrew and for learners who know some basic principles of the language and want to review them.

The beginners’ package consists of 10 chapters. It starts with an introduction to the Hebrew Alphabet and its special characteristics. It continues with some basic grammatical structures of the language. The students go over the chapters closely with their Hebrew instructors but also on their own in the form of additional exercises. The chapters contain basic vocabulary that is gradually extended from one chapter to the other.

With Ivritalk you can learn Hebrew from the ground up. Our team has developed original materials especially for students who are beginners.


Modern spoken Hebrew

It is well known that modern spoken Hebrew which is widely used in Israel is somewhat different from its written counterpart. At Ivritalk we teach our students to express themselves in the type of Hebrew that its native speakers use. We do so by using basic written dialogues that reflect the spoken language and contain features of it. With students who are more advanced we use simulations and free conversations on the subjects that are relevant to them. For example, many of our students work on their spoken Hebrew because they want to connect with their family and friends who live in Israel.

Learning the kind of Hebrew that is spoken by native speakers help people from all over the world maintain a close connection with The State of Israel, its people and culture.


Hebrew for advanced students

Many people from all over the world had the opportunity to study Hebrew as children in Sunday School or as students who travelled to Israel on special trips. Ivritalk offers them yet another opportunity to preserve their knowledge of Hebrew and take it a few steps forward.

‘Ivritalk’ allows you to not just “get by” with your Hebrew but expand your command of the language to the level of being able to speak it fluently, attend lectures in Hebrew, and watch Israeli TV programs and movies without subtitles. Ivritalk teachers are here to challenge you and help you improve your Hebrew. Languages are everchanging and evolving and modern Hebrew is no exception to that rule. Come and refresh your language skills and update your knowledge of modern Hebrew by using it in everyday conversations and more with our qualified instructors.


Literary Hebrew

The Jerusalem Post Ivrit monthly magazine and the Ivritalk teaching service are here to help you practice reading Hebrew texts in various subjects. A guided reading with a professional teacher will make you understand much better the texts that you read. The option to discuss the texts before, during and after you read them will give you a better understanding of what you read and the opportunity to talk freely in Hebrew about the texts in question. Our magazine offers texts in 3 different levels, however texts proposed by students are welcomed. Any articles or texts can be discussed according to the relevant needs and interests of each individual student. Ivritalk instructors will help you read better, work on your pronunciation, make sure you understand everything that you read, and offer you further activities based on your reading that will help you improve your Hebrew.


Biblical Hebrew

The Jerusalem Post Ivritalk Biblical Hebrew learning program is aimed at learners who wish to read the Bible texts in its original ancient language and discuss them.

The program consists of 19 chapters, each one deals with another aspect of the ancient language. Every chapter contains explanations in simple English, exercises and vocabulary that is based on the initial chapter of the book of Genesis.  The biblical Hebrew program is mainly suitable for students who are beginners in Hebrew, as it starts with the very basic features of the language – the Hebrew letters and their pronunciation.

Ivritalk teachers will accompany you in your studies, help you improve your reading of the Hebrew Bible and provide you with the information you need in order to do more than just read the text.


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