Do you also need a Hebrew course?

Method Advantages

Your private teacher

One-on-one sessions with a professional Hebrew teacher who is focused only on you in a friendly and motivating atmosphere.

Anywhere, Anytime

Study anytime and from anywhere you want. All you need is a phone or a computer and some free time.

Tailor made program

Learn at your own pace, focus on the topics that are relevant to you.


The sessions are backed up by written summaries, materials and exercises which will help you practice your Hebrew.

Online lessons

Online lessons via phone or skype that will encourage you to engage in conversations in Hebrew.

Professional teachers

Study Hebrew with a qualified teacher who is a native speaker .

Ivrit Talk

We believe that the best way to learn a language is to put it in context. Whereas text books focus on reading comprehension and CDs focus on listening comprehension, we believe that communication is the best learning method. When you put things in the context of a conversation, you remember better both the new vocabulary and the grammar rules.

When you speak with a native speaker who is also a qualified teacher, you can improve several skills. In Ivritalk we teach via telephone and skype, which means that students have to speak in order to communicate with their tutor. We work on fluency, and at the same time correct your grammar, teach you new vocabulary and help you practice the vocabulary you already know, enrich your language skills and make it not only correct but refined and sophisticated. This is as close as you can get to the Hebrew spoken by native speakers.

The Ivritalk team is a team of professional and qualified Hebrew teachers. All of our teachers are native speakers of Hebrew with the relevant academic and professional background - they have taught in Ulpanim (Hebrew language schools) and in academic institutions both in Israel and abroad. With the relevant experience of teaching Hebrew as a second and as a foreign language, they are familiar with various teaching methods that fit all levels of students.

Our teachers are here to speak with you in Modern Hebrew or about Biblical Hebrew. They will be happy to listen to your Hebrew, to correct you when need it and to share with you their knowledge of the language. They will encourage you to speak by bringing up topics that are relevant for you (travelling in Israel, applying for a job, speaking with family and friends and many other topics), and they will assist you in improving your fluency and to enrich your vocabulary. By creating a friendly atmosphere and by motivating you to communicate in Hebrew, you will be able to keep in touch with the land of Israel and with the ancient language of the Jewish people.

Easy to learn Hebrew