Education Professions Vocabulary
אוצר מילים בנושא מקצועות ההוראה

Vocabulary in the professions education field.
excellent for practicing Hebrew, speaking, reading and writing. for all ages.
Recommended for those who are about to make aliyah and planning to attend
school/university or interested in a job in the education field in Israel.

עברית English
מוֹרֶה Teacher
מְנַהֶלֶת בֵּית סֵפֶר Principal
מַזְכִּירָה secretary
אַב בַּיִת Janitor
יוֹעֶצֶת School counselor
סִיַּעְתָּ Teacher assistant
גַּנֶּנֶת Kindergarten Teacher
דִּיְּקָן Dean
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