Learning a new language is just like playing a new game, once you know the rules, you can start playing.
The Hebrew language is a very special, ancient language spoken nowhere else but in Israel. It sometimes seems difficult to comprehend, yet with Ivritalk, Hebrew is fun and easy to learn.

With the help of The Jerusalem Post Ivrit monthly newspaper, as well as our professional Ivritalk supporting teachers, each and every one of our students is guaranteed to receive the best guidance to improve his/her ability to speak Hebrew.
We feel that learning a new language, especially this holy language should be a very heartwarming process, therefore we look at each and every one of Ivritalk students as part of our big Hebrew family, No less!
In Ivritalk we do everything we can in order to create an encouraging study environment. We believe learning a new language should be useful, modern, communicative, easy to pick up and fun to practice.
This is exactly the reason why Ivritalk won’t intimidate you.
So many of us have tried again and again to learn Hebrew using various types of educational frameworks sadly with little success. The outcome seemed more frustrating than effective. The teachers at Ivritalk are confident that they can turn this difficulty around and help you improve your Hebrew skills.

Our experience shows that those who couldn’t even say a word in Hebrew, eventually became confident Hebrew speakers and readers within quite a short time, as we at Ivritalk give our students creative Learning tools including our one of a kind newspaper.
“The Jerusalem Post Ivrit” newspaper exposes the reader to the Hebrew culture and the Israeli culture. Ivritalk teachers work side by side with the Jerusalem Post Ivrit newspaper ensuring it’s articles are pleasant to read and easy to understand. Speaking Hebrew with the teachers of Ivritalk regarding the articles or any other topic, enriches the vocabulary of the student and enables them to speak with more fluency.
It is no secret that the best way to learn how to construct a sentence in Hebrew is by reading and talking. The more the better!!
Ivritalk students are free to decide the number of lessons they need in order to progress, Some of our students study 15 minutes a week, some study 30 minutes a week, while others study 15 minutes daily, sometimes even more. Each and every one of Ivritalk students receives individual care adapted precisely to his or her needs.

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